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Welcome to the home of the T.R.I.B.E. 4x4 Club and  Enjoy what we have put together for you and we hope you can make it out on a trail run with us soon.  To find out about our upcoming runs click on the "trail rides" link above. 

We are interested in you and your 4x4 as well.  If you would like to let everyone know about your ride simply click on the "Reader's Rides" link to the left and upload a pic and information about your vehicle.

Remember to tread lightly and always leave a trail cleaner than when you arrived.  Don't give the loud and ignorant any ammunition to try to take away our rights to the trails we ride on!

Feature Article
Building a Better TJ

   Well its time for a new article and with the purchase of my new 2000 TJ I figured what a great place to start the new year.  Since finding a pre-owned TJ with a stock rear Dana 44 is similar to finding a mint 74 Land Cruiser for less than $3000 lets take a standard TJ with a Dana 35
rear end, Dana 30 front axle, 4.0 liter inline 6, and an automatic tranny.  So in your driveway sits a coil-sprung Jeep that can tackle most trails out there.  That is the amazing thing about this vehicle and why it was named Peterson's 4x4 of the year when it was realesed.  As a matter of fact if Manufacturers could enter the same vehicle in their competition each year it would likely have won every year since 1997!  Companies like Avalanche Engineering and Black Diamond have been making custom and kit style coil sprung CJs for years.  The base performance of the TJ is so amazing it has turned CJ owners everywhere to this new Jeep (I still own a 74 CJ5).  
   So what's the first thing you want to do with your new Jeep.  I say lift and tires.  Unfortunately, you need to add a few other doo dads when you add these two items but lift and tires are definately the way to start.
   Ok, so you know you want a lift but what lift do you get and how much lift is right for your type of wheeling.  You need to ask yourself this question, "Am I going to
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